We are very excited to announce our new "ACES" and STAR Staff programs. Each month we will be highlighting our STAR Staff of the month, and providing kudos based on Attitude, Character, Excellence and Synergy (ACES).

Our 2nd Quarter ACES program will be focusing on "Character".

January 2019

Joni Fox

Joni has been with CCI since 2012 and she is our Bookkeeper extraordinaire. Joni has really stepped up and taken on a great deal of extra responsibility lately, helping to keep things running smoothly. We are proud to have Joni as our January STAR Staff and we all appreciate her hard work!

February 2019

Tina Parker

Tina has been with CCI since 2017 and she is a DSP at our location in Preble County. Tina’s supervisor reports that Tina is a team player and a valuable member of the Preble County family. Tina can be counted on to help cover shifts, knows all of the individuals at both homes on the site, has a great attitude and always does an awesome job with completing documentation.

March 2019

Carri LeForge

Carri has been with CCI since 2015 and she is currently a Case Manager in Clinton County. 

Carri has truly stepped up to help out in Clinton County.  She has gone above and beyond in helping get paperwork caught up and prepared for a system change over, getting the office cleaned up and organized and providing excellent, caring support to individuals and staff alike.

Thank you Carri, we truly appreciate your efforts!

April 2019

Verna Smith

Verna is currently the Home Operations and Training Supervisor. 

She has been an inspiration to not only our DSP Staff, but to the Administrative team throughout her years with the company.

She has been a dedicated and out-spoken advocate for our Individuals and has given of her time, passion and knowledge in a selfless manner, never expecting anything in return.

May 2019

Denise Dienger

Denise has worked for CCI since 2012 and was actually nominated by several of her co-workers and supervisors.

Denise is always willing to help and according to one of her co-workers she is always trying her best.  Denise often picks up extra shifts or comes in early if needed, she is considered by all to be a very hard worker.  She has gained the respect of her co-workers and supervisors, and the trust and love of the individuals she works with. 


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