About Us


We encourage you to contact us directly.  Of course, if you aren’t quite sure exactly who to speak to, dial 513.398.8885.  Press “0”.  Then simply tell our receptionist what you need and you will be connected to the right person.

Betty Davis

Position:     Chairman of the Board
Extension:   1102   
Email:   bettydavis@cciohio.com

Marc Davis

Position:     President
Extension:   1114
Email:   mdavis@cciohio.com

Wayne Davis

Position:     Vice President/CEO/Administrator
Extension:   1125   
Email:   wdavis@cciohio.com

Brad Davis

Position:     Vice President/CFO
Extension:   1109   
Email:   bdavis@cciohio.com

Deana Davis

Position:     Director, Recruitment & Retention
Extension:   1201   
Email:   ddavis@coiohio.com

Rebecca Liggett

Position:     Director, Operations & Human Resources
Extension:   1119 
Email:   rliggett@cciohio.com

Amy Houseman

Position:     Director, Social Services
Extension:   1115
Email:    ahouseman@cciohio.com

Vickie Caddell

Position:     Director, Health Services
Extension:   1105
Email:   vcaddell@cciohio.com

Becky Strother

Position:     Director, Programming
Extension:   1208 
Email:    bstrother@cciohio.com


Mark Dowdall

Position:     Staff Development Coordinator
Extension:   1209 
Email:   mdowdall@cciohio.com