About Us


To assist intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals gain the experience and tools necessary for as independent and self-directed a lifestyle as possible, and to join hands in support with their families, through dedicated care, professional support and a multitude of services to meet each person's needs.


  • to provide individualized supports, so individuals may grow and maintain their highest level of functioning, both physically and cognitively;
  • to offer an environment of choices and freedom within a supervised setting;
  • to  promote life enrichment that enhances every individual’s self worth, self determination and self esteem;
  • to enlighten our communities, through educational programs, presentations and publications about persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities;
  • to advocate for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in State and Federal policy development through legislative correspondence and membership in local, state, and national organizations;
  • to encourage improved and expanded services until all individuals with disabilities have the same choices, opportunities and quality of life that we enjoy;
  • to rise to new heights by continually diversifying our agency services.