You’ll Be Competent and Confident

You’ll be competent and confident in your new job, no matter what your position or past experience.
Our training professionals are the best at what they do.
From day one on the job you’ll be totally ready to support the individuals we serve.

Here's Why: 

  • Pre-employment training is fully paid, allowing you to relax and soak up what’s presented
  • The atmosphere is relaxed yet structured in such a way that maximizes learning
  • There’s built-in variety within the instruction including on-site training in your actual primary job location
  • There’s follow-up and continuous support throughout your employment.

Here's What We Cover:

Without going through all the details, highlights of training include certification in First Aid/CPR and Crisis Prevention Intervention, as well as our person-centered approach to supporting individuals, personal care, individual rights and skill development.  No matter what the topic, training focuses on seeing and enhancing individual’s potential, capabilities and abilities. 

Here’s Why We Are Recognized As Leaders Throughout Ohio:

Our pre-employment training is the most comprehensive in the state. We are proud to say our administrators are invited regularly to lead educational sessions for other providers at annual conferences of Ohio’s two professional health care organizations: Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) and Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA). We are leaders in Ohio.