The required credentials & funding are what set the agencies apart: Options is a certified residential, vocational, & transportation agency; Concepts is a licensed and certified residential ICF/IID agency. Any individual in Ohio with intellectual or developmental disabilities is eligible for our services. For ICF/IDD residential services contact us directly.  For all other services, the process begins with the local County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  Unsure of where to start?  Contact us.


Reaching Out To Make A Difference

Sometimes a disability, behavior, or an individual’s history takes a backseat to more common issues. That's not the case with our agency.  We strive to meet needs not typically addressed by seeking professional expertise in behavioral or mental health, autism and other very special areas. 


What type of individual may need specialized services?
Autistic, behavioral and individuals with other special accommodations and training are classified as needing specialized services that may be declined services elsewhere. COI and CCI take great pride in specializing in these areas and accepting individuals with varying needs.

Will your agency accept behavioral individuals?
Yes. In fact, our behavior specialists welcome the challenges associated with behavioral individuals. 

Vision: Rising to New Heights