Individuals Enjoy Working!

Payday Can't Come Soon Enough

Many individuals say they have larger paychecks than ever since they have been with COI-CONNECTED.  They are excited to work!  Some individuals work in the community cleaning up the parks in Mason, Ohio.  Others, for example, work inside the vocational building constructing and painting crafts for resale. 

No matter what the job, when pay day comes they have money to go to the movies or shopping for new kicks!  


We're Off To Work!

COI-CONNECTED is the place of employment for many individuals. They arrive each day eager to dig in and get the job done for many local companies.

For example, in house piece work is completed for a local landscape company. This spring when you go to purchase flowers from a local landscaper, the hard cardboard box you use to carry them home was most likely built by CONNECTED individuals. Something you may not see is the packaging individuals do for a local company who produces an eye cream for small animals.

Also within the CONNECTED building, individuals participate in what is called an employment readiness program. Within our facility individuals perform janitorial services, serve as front desk receptionists and café workers.

Individuals As Entrepreneurs

Individuals in our building also have a chance to be entrepreneurs as they work on craft sale projects. Currently, they are working on snowmen which they will exhibit and sell at upcoming local festivals and in local businesses.

Jobs Within The Local Community

The opportunities for individuals in Community based jobs, called community enclave, are growing daily. The City of Mason was our first ever business partner!  Whenever you are in the Mason Community Center, look for our individuals who have jobs on the janitorial crew and as front desk greeters.

Many business' partner with COI-CONNECTED and the opportunities for community employment grows by leaps and bounds.  We appreciate the trust and confidence numerous local businesses have in our individuals.