Addressing the Questions Raised By Our Business Partners

What is an intellectual or developmental disability?

Defined simply, it is a diverse group of chronic conditions causing difficulties in certain areas of life such as: language, mobility, learning, self-help and independent living. These conditions persist throughout an individuals’ life, but need not hinder gainful employment opportunities.

What will my company gain by staying CONNECTED?

Staying CONNECTED is good business sense! You have jobs you need to have done - - we have workers who want employment. Not to mention tax benefits and the knowledge that your company has made a difference by employing a diverse workforce.

Will work be completed in my business or in the CONNECTED building?

What’s best for you? We are flexible! Our employment professionals will construct an individual plan that makes the most ‘business sense’ for your needs.

What worksite accommodations must my company meet for your workers?

COI-CONNECTED is an accessible and comfortable work place. If your company chooses to employ a worker at your location, you have probably already met the worksite accommodations. Visit www.sba.gov for a Worksite Accommodation Fact Sheet. While you’re on the website, click on the tax credit link to learn about eligibility for federal tax credits, as well.

What if I have work and would prefer that it be done at your location?

We have a large facility and can accommodate a variety of work tasks in-house. The Vocational Center is extremely secured and fully insured. While in our possession, your materials are safe.  

Our building includes a full service dock where semis or box trucks may drop off and/or pick up goods. A lift-gate truck is available for material pick-up or drop off, while the finished products can then be returned once the tasks are completed.

We’re flexible and will be happy to accommodate your organizations needs.

Will workers be FT or PT?

It’s flexible based upon the needs of your projects/jobs. Workers are able to help occasionally, seasonally, or regularly.

Once trained, will there be employee turnover?

Studies by firms such as DuPont show that workers with disabilities have the highest rates of attendance coupled with the lowest rates of turnover. With that small bit of extra initial effort that our job coaches supply, you reap the reward of a trained, positive, motivated and loyal employee that increases productivity, morale and corporate image.

How dependable are your workers?

We will only partner your business with those motivated, dependable individuals who want to be employed and are willing to work hard.

How is the quality of work maintained?

Our job coaches match your needs to the skills and abilities of workers, and we are with them every step of the way, ensuring every task measures up to your expectations.

Is supervising a worker with an intellectual or developmental disabled any different from employees without disabilities?

Worker expectation is the same whether one has an intellectual or developmental disability or not. Our job coaches focus on using clear and consistent communication, and provide training to improve skills. Job coaches, whether they are at your facility or working in our vocational center, mentor and support workers in the same manner they would anyone else.

Do you do background checks on your job coaches?

We are required by the State of Ohio to clear all employees prior to employment, including these but not limited to:

                BCII/FBI fingerprint

                Abuser Registry

                Nurse Aid Registry

                Driving Record

                Sex Offender Registry

                Drug Testing

Be assured all COI-CONNECTED employees are 100% pre-screened and well qualified.